Highway Expansion!

Highway trust fund empty. How do we need to make decisions to maintain and expand our systems?

Count people, not cars

Bike lanes are cheap compared to highways. Ok to make mistakes with bike lanes. 

Citation for argument about two way streets: http://www.citylab.com/commute/2013/01/case-against-one-way-streets/4549/

-The government spends a lot on highway expansion.

-They talk about the Beyond Traffic report.

-Co-sponsors in congress pushing for the DRIVE Act, proposes cutting spending to meet revenue. Also cut non-highway projects out of Highway Trust Fund use eligibility.

-Maybe people are demanding more roads? Even though VMT miles aren’t increasing, people might want new roads in order to reduce congestion.

-The U.S. might not ever move away from being a car-centric society.

-Mass DOT says their focus is multi-modal transportation.

-They’re talking about the 710 Gap Expansion in LA.

-State DOTs like to build highways because of the cultural norm (that’s where their experience lies, that’s what they do).

-Are we starting to see a convergence of transit goals? Are cultural norms shifting away from being highway-centric?

-There isn’t even enough money in state budgets to deal with infrastructure (highway) maintenance, so they can’t spend on public transit issues.

-Now what?

 -People are beginning to understand the negatives effects of car use, but is this affecting government policy?

 -Is there any chance that policy-makers will change their views?

-There’s a lot of politics behind transportation policy.

-They’re talking about cost of living in cities versus suburbs. 

Is the reduction of VMT caused by income inequality or a culture shift? According to UCLA, it’s both: http://www.cp-dr.com/node/3629